Gemma Galgani


A twentieth-century mystic that predicted the foundation of a Passionist convent at Lucca. Her mother died when she was seven. Gemma's father was a poor pharmacist who continued to raise his eight children until his death some elevean years later. At age eighteen, Gemma was forced to assume the role of parent to her other seven brothers and sisters.

She contracted spinal tuberculosis while in her teens, but was later cured through intercessory prayer to Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows. She repeatedly attempted to join a religious order, but was denied because of doubts raised concerning her miraculous cure. Committed to a life serving her Lord, she became a Passionist.

Starting in June of 1899, Gemma was blessed with the Stigma of the hands and feet from sundown Thursday through Friday afternoon. She was blessed with visions of her guardian angel, and was tormented with visions of Satan.