Also known as Saint Ansovino di Camerino.

Ansovinus was born in Camerino, a city now situated in the Italian province of Macerata in the Apennines, about 40 miles from Ancona. Ansovinus received his education at the Cathedral of Pavia school and chose to follow the calling of a religious life. After his ordination into the priesthood, Ansovinus chose to live as a hermit for many years at Castel Raimondo near Torcello. Ansovinus returned to his birth place in Camerino where he became a counselor to Emperor Louis the Pious. Ansovinus was elected bishop of Camerino and was particularly known for his generosity to the poor especially in times of drought and famine. While on travels to Rome, Ansovinus fell ill but was able to make the journey back home before he died on March 13, 840, after receiving the Last Rites.